Once you meet our signature blast freezers, Freddy and Zero, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without them. 

They will be the first ones you come to when you bring fresh produce in from the market or garden. They’ll let you prepare, keep, and heat delicious meals that bring your family together. And, they’ll be the secret that lets you prepare and heat amazing plates for your party, all while staying focused on your friends…

market fresh

The best food starts from fresh—luscious fruits, ripened vegetables, delectable meats, and exquisite herbs. Freshness offers the best natural flavors, textures, juices, and fragrances. So when you invest your time and passion in cooking, you want to start from fresh. But you can’t always cook on the same day that you shop or pick… 

What are blast chilling and shock freezing? Basically, they let you keep food longer, and better. So, there’s less risk that you need to throw away food that has lost its freshness. That means the meat, poultry, and fish from your market are safer, and tastier, and fruit and veggies stay crisp, all week. 

But think bigger. Think seasons. Now, you don’t have to rush to eat produce from your garden or market while it’s in season. You can harvest when you like, or buy at the best price, and then shock freeze your favorite vegetables, fruits and even herbs to enjoy yearround. You can even drop frozen fresh basil right into a sauce you’re preparing in February, without having to resort to dried substitutes.

always on time

Life is busy, and great lives can be even busier. Cuisine plays a part in living a life that is full and rich… but many of us find that we do not have time to cook every day. This is truest when we juggle schedules to bring everyone together over meaningful food and conversation… 

Planning fresh food can be tricky for anyone, and especially for families. Freddy helps everyone enjoy a varied, nutritious diet of food with all of its natural vitamins, nutrients, texture, moisture, color and fragrance. 

Blast chilling and shock freezing are like a pause button for food, letting you do your shopping, and cooking, when you have the time and desire. 

When you can keep food fresh for longer, it means that you can plan in advance, and shop in advance… You can even prepare in advance, chopping veggies for stir fry, or portioning out servings, to let you easily heat them on some busy night later in the week. 

You can even prepare and cook an entire week’s worth of complete meals—then, tell Freddy to hold and slow-heat each one, at exactly the right time, to exactly the right temperature. If you are running a little late, Freddy even holds your meal at the right temperature, without overcooking it.

fabulous hosting

When family and friends gather in your home, you want to offer abundant hospitality—unforgettable food and undivided attention. Do not compromise. Amaze. Make the evening a culmination of unhindered preparation, so that every experience is timed to the pinnacle of perfection… 

When you invite people to your home, you want to see them. You want to talk to them, not shout to them from the sink. You want to think about what they’re saying, and not what’s in the oven. So, let Freddy handle the timing, heating, and holding. As a low-temperature cooker, Freddy also leaves your oven free to cook something else at the same time.

Plus, of course, you can prepare in advance. Then, feel free to amaze everyone by quickly bringing your popular hors d’oeuvres up to temperature with minimal time away. 

The power to blast chill and shock freeze mean that you can even have a chef or caterer prepare food in advance—then, keep it fresh until whenever you need it. Think about it. That can be a game-changer when scheduling a caterer before an event. 

And of course, when your party runs long, you can maintain the mood by quickly chilling more wine and other drinks to the perfect temperature.