this is how the magic happens

Freddy brings professional functions into your home for the first time. Let's chat about what those functions mean, and the science behind them.

keep freshness up to a week

Foods like vegetables have a delicate balance of aromas, colors, flavors, textures, and nutrients. This balance can be lost to oxidation during the long cooling process in a refrigerator. 

Refrigerators take 15-20 hours to fully cool food. Freddy’s patented blast chilling takes only 60-90 minutes to bring food down to 37°F. Freddy can chill wine or other drinks to your chosen temperature at almost 2°F per minute. 

For fresh foods, blast chilling limits bacteria, and protects the consistency, moisture, and peak freshness. For cooked foods, Freddy rapidly lowers food through the 104°F to 50°F heat range, to block evaporation and avoid bacterial proliferation. This preserves the food’s qualities, and triples the time you can store it safely.

keep freshness six months or more

The more rapidly you freeze the liquid in food, the better the food’s qualities when it is thawed. 

Freezers take about 20 hours to fully freeze food. During that time, the moisture inside the food becomes a frosty crust of macro-crystals on the outside. That moisture never goes back in—it becomes a puddle on the plate when the food thaws. So, a lot of the food’s moisture and texture are lost. 

For fresh foods, Freddy’s shock freeze cycle takes only 2 hours to chill food to 0°F at its core. That’s so fast it converts the moisture inside the food into micro-crystals—so the food keeps its moisture and texture. Freddy can make ice cubes in 30 minutes! 

For cooked foods, Freddy’s delicate freeze cycle uses blast chilling followed by shock freezing, carefully cooling pastries and other foods down to 0°F to lock in freshness. 

Freddy’s freeze options mean that you can keep fresh food in your home longer than ever before. 

"I think that the excellent ingredients are really the secret of any good cuisine. I think that nature has given us everything we need, and we just need to be clever enough to understand that we have to preserve what nature has given us… And, you cut your wastage to zero. It’s a matter of being ethical: Food shouldn’t be wasted."
Katia Da Ros, Irinox Vice President

heat food gently and evenly

When you heat food gently, and evenly, you can summon more of the food’s natural qualities and flavors. Freddy’s low-temperature cooking never lets food exceed 167°F at its core. This lets you steadily proof bread, or plan for meals to reheat at the perfect temperature at the perfect time. 

Vacuum cooking combines low temperature cooking with food that is sealed in special cooking bags, submerged in water or steam. When you gradually heat food within a perfect moisture seal, you can invoke even the most delicate aromas, colors, flavors, textures, and nutrients.

store your food even better and longer

Zero’s vacuum sealing adds a layer of protection that boosts the quality and duration of your food storage. When Freddy blast chills and Zero vacuum packs food, you can keep it fresh for 14 days in the refrigerator. When Freddy shock freezes and Zero vacuum packs food, you can keep it fresh for up to 8-10 months in the freezer.

Our signature blast freezers, Freddy and Zero, help you spend less and eat better, because you can buy food in-season at the best quality and price, then keep it for months. You can shop less often, chilling or freezing what you buy, without worrying about spoilage and waste. You may need fewer packaged foods, because fresh alternatives are there anytime—and Freddy  is ready too, thawing and heating entire meals on your schedule.