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Pure water has a flavour.
Actually four.

Microfiltered water,
from the first to the last drop

Wave is a domestic water dispenser that connects directly to your home’s mains to provide instant premium microfiltered water, chilled, sparkling, room temperature or hot. Using an advanced filtration system that removes up to 99% of contaminants, Wave gives you pure water from the first to the last drop.

Wave’s purified water is not just free of pollutants but also tastes great and is totally odourless, ensuring every sip is exceptionally fresh.

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Adornará cualquier cocina

A built in dispenser with different finishes to choose from.

W min. 23.50 in.
D min 21.53 in.
H min 17.72 in.

The luxury
of simplicity

  • Ambient temperature
  • Sparkling chilled
  • Chilled
  • Hot water

Wave delivers four types of microfiltered water: room temperature, chilled, chilled carbonated, and hot at 185 of (85 °C). Wave produces room temperature water that is purified up to 99.9% and comes with three temperature settings and an adjustable carbonation system to give you water from 41 to 53.6 °F 15 to 12°C) and with just the right degree of sparkle.

Teas and herbal teas should be brewed at the correct water temperature. Wave delivers water at 185 °F 185°C), which is the perfect temperature for preserving the aroma molecules and all desirable compounds that should go into your cup*.


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