Irinox, world leader in blast chilling technology at home

Designed and manufactured in Italy, now available in the US and Canada

Italy comes
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Irinox The Freshness Company, an Italian brand with 32 years of experience

Irinox The Freshness
Company, an Italian brand

More than
30Years of

In 2005 launched its house hold appliances Irinox Home, and now comes to North America.

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Triple your food’s shelf life by Blast Chilling it before storing it in the fridge. Blast Chilling quickly lowers food temperature to 3°C / 37ºF, ideal against oxidation and bacterial proliferation. This helps food preservation by maintaining its quality, texture, flavor, and fragrance intact.

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Irinox technology vs. traditional technology

Shock Freezing
or Dynamic Freezing

Quickly freezes food at a temperature of -18°C / -0.4ºF, to limit the size of ice crystals formed by the water in the food.


Resulting in micro-crystals that ensure food’s structure, and quality preservation.


Traditional Freezing
or Static Freezing

Food is slowly taken to a low temperature taking between 25-40 hours to reach -18°C / -0.4ºF.


Water’s slow solidification results in macro crystals that damage food’s cell structure


Why choose a Multifunction Blast Chiller for your home

You can plan when to shop for groceries

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You can save considerable time and money

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Waste is reduced to zero because food stays fresh three times longer

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Serve healthy food that retains all nutrients

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Irinox Feddy

Professional cooking at home

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Irinox Fresco

First over the counter Household Multifunction Blast Chiller

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Fresco Élite

Irinox Fresco Elite

The magic of food chilling

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Irinox Zero

Zero food oxidation with Zero vacuum sealer

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