Freddy Home Blast Chiller

America's Blast Freezers

Freddy blast chills and shock freezes food so it stays perfectly fresh. Zero seals your chilled or frozen food, to protect it about 5 times longer than a traditional plastic bag.


For the first time, these and other professional-grade features are available in your home.


Don't just keep the food.  keep the fresh

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what are blast chilling and shock freezing?

The best food is fresh—it is lush with natural moisture, flavor, texture, fragrance, and nutrition. Food loses natural qualities during the long, traditional process of cooling in a refrigerator or freezer. 

When you blast chill or shock freeze food with Irinox Freddy, you quickly seal in that freshness. You can keep fresh produce, fish, pastries, and other food for days, or months, waiting for you to take it out and start from fresh! 

Freddy is the only home blast chiller and shock freezer in North America, but he's more than just cooling. Freddy will thaw food, hold it at cold or hot temperatures, or even cook it at low temperatures—to have meals ready just when you need them. To see what Freddy can do, hover over the photos below, or visit our products page.

Freddy opens a new world of options for market shopping, gardening, juggling schedules, hosting parties, and just enjoying fresh, delicious food all year long.

market fresh

Freshness offers the best natural flavors, texture, juices, and fragrances.

always on-time

Cuisine plays a part in living a life that is full and rich...but many of us find that we do not have time to cook every day.

fabulous hosting

When family and friends gather in your home, you want to offer abundant hospitality—unforgettable food and undivided attention.