About Us: America's Top Supplier of Blast Freezers & Chillers

Irinox is recognized as the specialist in blast chilling and shock freezing throughout the world. Since its beginning in 1989, the company has been committed to investing in the best technological and quality research for its products. Over the years it has developed a range of products that now reach clients in more than 80 countries including star-rated restaurants and domestic kitchens.


Irinox believes that cooking is an art, passion, joie de vivre. Freddy and Zero were created for those who love cooking and fine food. Each appliance was developed to ensure the best in long-term storage by preserving the quality, freshness and flavor of your foods. Each share the same brand features: innovative functions, sophisticated design, high performance, and commercial standard technology.


To find out more about Fredy & Zero, please call 800.457.1356 or email sales@irinoxhomeusa.com