Shock Freezing

Risks of eating raw fish

Discover how to eliminate high health risks that come with carpaccio and raw fish entries.

The hazards
of raw fish

Eating raw fish is becoming more and more popular; besides sushi, carpaccio and raw fish entries are now a prominent element in many restaurant menus.

At first glance, it seems a good idea because, since it’s raw, all of the fish’s precious omega 3 and nutritional qualities are kept intact; however, some unwanted guests could cause parasitic disease.

One of the most dangerous of these is Anisakis, a white larva 1-2 cm long that once swallowed, can settle on the wall of the digestive system from the stomach to the colon, causing an acute or chronic parasitic disease. Other causes can be allergies that involve rashes, asthma, angioedema, rhinitis, conjunctivitis, etc.

So how can this
risk be avoided?

Some myths say that marinating raw fish in oil, vinegar or lemon juice, salting it or smoking it. All false.

The only way to completely eliminate parasites is doing one of these two options:

Shock Freezing

With Freddy, shock freezing completely eliminates the anisakis hazard, maintaining the flavour and consistency of the meat intact.

Freddy Multifunction Blast Chiller lowers food temperature up to twenty times faster than a traditional freezer, this reduced time allows water to transform into microcrystals which do not alter food texture.

Unlike a conventional freezer that transforms water into maco crystals breaking food tissue and nutrient structure. This difference can be seen when thawing.

Shock Frozen fish when thawed will preserve its texture perfectly, together with consistency, color, and flavor.